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  • BREAKING: Avenatti Drops Another Bombshell That Includes More Hush Money From Trump (VIDEO)

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    The hits just keep on coming for America’s favorite lawyer, Michael Avenatti. The attorney for actress Stormy Daniels has been nearly as good at teasing out the facts and figures of the charges he’s juggling against Donald Trump and his own personal lawyer Michael Cohen as special counsel lead investigator Robert Mueller has been with the larger Russia investigation.

    The difference is, Avenatti doesn’t have to keep everything under wraps until the last possible moment in order to keep from scaring away witnesses.

    In the special counsel investigation, Mueller has to carefully balance how much each of his witnesses against Trump — of which there are now multiple — values their potential payoff, loyalty to Trump, and reputation as being able to keep a secret against their own personal freedom. For some, it’s a no-brainer: Rick Gates was a nut that took perhaps 3 days to crack. Others, like Paul Manafort, have fought tooth and nail the entire way.

    Avenatti has it so much easier because technically all of his investigative work comes as part and parcel of a single case — the “hush money” payment to his client in order to secure her silence about a sexual affair with Trump made just days before the 2016 election.

    What seems most important to note is that Avenatti has yet to be wrong about anything he’s said, done, or represented about the cases — that, in fact, every time he’s come out and said something new about the president or his legal team, it has been admitted in the end.

    That’s what makes it so astounding that he appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday and told everyone present that there are at least two more women, and possibly more, who have come to him claiming that they too have NDAs with Donald Trump — non-disclosure agreements that would ostensibly prevent them from speaking out about affairs they also have had with Trump in the past, their silence bought as a way for Trump to avoid scrutiny.

    Avenatti has mentioned more women involved in this case in the past, but he has not previously disclosed that there were “hush money” payments to them as well.

    Watch the video here:

    If and when these women become actual clients of Michael Avenatti, it seems likely that access to legal discovery on those cases could easily be as entertaining and as destructive to Trump and his skeevy lawyer Cohen as the process of coming to know Stormy Daniels has been.

    You’re doing the Lord’s work, Mike. Godspeed.

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