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  • BREAKING: Pence Just Implicated By Qatari Investor In Trump Tower Corruption

    Crime, Donald Trump, Mueller, Russia

    When Michael Avenatti tweeted on May 11 that there was much more to know about who knew what and when in the Russia investigation, it was so cryptic that it was difficult to imagine what kind of further proof he had of the obviously wide-ranging conspiracy.

    But America has since learned that “formal notice” from Avenatti is clearly not a thing that should be ignored, as it was only days later that he tweeted the payoff to that tease with screenshots of a nervous-looking Michael Cohen, disgraced former Lt. General Michael Flynn, and a Qatari businessman, all together in the Trump Tower lobby:

    Just 7 hours after he sent that tweet, he sent out another message, this time with instructions on how to view the same evidence he was looking at, only so you could see it for yourself without having to rely on the spin or “angle” of other news organizations — so New Century Times did just that, and compiled a video of the timestamps Avenatti advised his readers to watch for, to make it easier to watch without having to scroll through hours of footage.

    After that video was made public, the mysterious figure previously unknown to Americans in the course of this investigation — Ahmed al-Rumaihi, a Qatari investor — who appears in the video with Cohen and Flynn took the next obvious step that one takes when they want to distance themselves from a crime: He admitted what little involvement he had and denied everything else.

    But what he admitted… That was a whole new can of worms.

    Not only did a source say that al-Rumaihi had called them after the publication of the video to tell them that Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, had requested that he send “millions of dollars to Trump family members” in exchange for political access to the presidency, but the Qatari bigwig confirmed to CNN that he was there that day (December 12, 2016) and that he did take meetings with transition officials from the Trump campaign.

    “Mr. Al-Rumaihi was at Trump Tower on December 12, 2016. He was there in his then role as head of Qatar Investments, an internal division of QIA, to accompany the Qatari delegation that was meeting with Trump transition officials on that date.”

    Guess who wasn’t a “transition official” in that campaign: Michael Cohen. So who was al-Rumaihi meeting with?

    In fact, there are no “Trump transition officials” in the entirety of that video. All anyone knows is who was in charge of the transition, and that’s Mike Pence, the current Vice President.

    Pence has insisted at great length that he was lied to by Michael Flynn about meetings with Russians — and if it seems like Qatar is unrelated to Russia, look no further than al-Rumaihi’s investment firm’s deep involvement with Rosneft, a Russian oil company under international sanctions — but al-Rumaihi himself says he didn’t even meet with Flynn on that December day in Trump Tower.

    Whoever he met with, if it wasn’t Pence himself, was known to the Vice President.

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