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  • Trump Just Ruined A Ceremony Honoring Fallen Police Officers To Talk About His Reelection (VIDEO)

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    Once again, Donald Trump has taken what should have been a very respectful moment and made it into a circus, much to the horror of everyone helplessly looking on as the horror unfolded.

    Earlier today, the president spoke at a ceremony for fallen police officers and reminded everyone why Trump should never have been allowed to run for president in the first place. Instead of offering his respects and condolences, Trump decided to detour from honoring the officers and started talking about his reelection. The former reality television star told the attendees that he plans to speak to them six more times in the future, hinting that he will be reelected in 2020. Trump said:

    “We are honored to have these cherished officers, and we’re honored to have all of you with us today, and it’s my great honor to be here for the second time, and I’ll see you, I guess, about another six times, and then after that, perhaps you’ll have had enough.”

    Watch how uncomfortable this is below:

    We feel deeply sorry for all in attendance who thought this would be a ceremony in which the President of the United States honors law enforcement. Trump has made a habit of hijacking honor ceremonies and making them all about himself, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

    Trump has claimed to be standing with law enforcement, but he can’t even resist taking the attention from fallen heroes. In addition, Trump has been making changes to this country that do not support his pro-police claims. Trump has proposed cutting federal funding almost 50 percent for local police departments in his 2019 budget plan, which would prevent the hiring of more officers.

    One would think that at the very least, he could honor these men and women properly — but this video proves that Trump can’t even do that.

    Featured image via screen capture

    Patti Colli

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