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  • Ivanka Makes Front Page Of Newspaper, The Reason Why Will Make Trump Furious (IMAGE)

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    By now, Donald Trump should be used to making headlines and being covered in the media for mostly negative reasons. The president obviously has a fragile ego and thin skin because he whines on Twitter about pretty much any and all criticism he gets, but if there’s one thing that will make him even more furious, it’s the media attacking his most beloved daughter, Ivanka.

    Yesterday, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, drew worldwide criticism when they were caught celebrating the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem while dozens of Palestinians died (and thousands more were injured) in Gaza. This horrific insensitivity and behavior earned Ivanka a spot on the front cover of The New York Daily News.

    The cover shows Ivanka having the time of her life, smiling and taking pictures in front of the new embassy (which unfortunately has Trump’s name on it). In comparison, the cover also shows what was happening just 50 miles away, as Israeli security forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters at the Israel-Gaza border. The Daily News appropriately captioned this horror, as well as Trump’s creepy relationship with his daughter, with “Daddy’s Little Ghoul”:

    The Trump administration has gained even more criticism from the media for its insensitive response to the violence, particularly after the White House blamed the Palestinian protesters for the mass shooting. At a press briefing yesterday, White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah stated that the blame “rests squarely with Hamas” for “intentionally and cynically provoking” Israel for encouraging Palestinians to try and breach the border.

    The Trump administration could not be more indifferent to the suffering that is going on in the world. This newspaper cover with Ivanka really drives that reality home.

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    Patti Colli

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