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  • BREAKING: White House Press Briefing Is Canceled Amid Chaos Within Administration

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    It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Trump administration, and usually, that means we can expect a no-holds-barred presser featuring Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Raj Shah, or any number of Cabinet members frantically trying to explain the latest debacle, refusing to apologize for some new offense against all human sensibility, or telling reporters that they’ve already answered questions they haven’t even come close to answering.

    That’s why it’s almost alarming to see the White House cancel the scheduled press briefing today.

    According to CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie, the briefing was canceled with “no reason given.” That could mean one or more of several things. It could be that the White House is planning to release some huge news today, and doesn’t want to answer any questions about it.

    It could be that someone inside the administration finally convinced Trump that the optics of his daughter and her husband laughing and clapping as children were shot dead by Israeli soldiers just a few miles away were awful, and they don’t want to face any more scrutiny on that front.

    There’s the fact that Kelly Sadler, the aide who made a tasteless joke about a cancer-stricken John McCain’s position on torture — he’s been tortured, so he thinks it’s bad — has so far refused to apologize publicly, and the issue just will not go away.

    Perhaps the White House realized that today was the last day allowed by law for Trump to disclose the $130,000 he repaid to Michael Cohen for covering up his affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, as the Ethics in Government Act requires any expenditures over $10,000 to be reported by May 15 of the calendar year following the liability — it must be a difficult decision, choosing between officially admitting that he paid the money and previously lied about it, or doubling down on his insistence that Cohen did everything on his own, running up the odds of Cohen eventually flipping on him for Robert Mueller.

    Regardless of the reason, it’s a nice reprieve to not have to write about another “alternative fact”-filled presser.

    Still, the silence has us worried.

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