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  • Trump Just Responded To The Murder Of Palestinian Children In Gaza And It’s F*cking Disgusting

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    Imagine you had a house that you built, and one day, people who weren’t you or part of your family began showing up at the door. They move into your home one by one, claiming that an invisible man told them your house actually belongs to them. Eventually, you are forced to live in the yard on the side of the house.

    Anger would ensue.

    The problem is, you spent all your money building the house, and the homeowner’s association never liked the way you looked anyway. They give them money to devise ways to keep you out and to build a defense system that can swat down your tiny attempts to re-take your home as if you were nothing but a buzzing fly.

    The war between Palestine and Israel is — minus any religious beliefs — exactly that. One day, there was a country called Palestine, and the next day it was called Israel. But unlike the example here, life and death are on the line. And because one party has no army, all of their attempts to re-take the land are deemed terrorism.

    Israel has an army, however, and is repeatedly reminded that they “have the right to defend themselves.”

    However, their “self-defense” amounts to a homeowner electrifying their doorbell. Every time there is any kind of protest, dozens if not hundreds of Palestinians are killed. If the Palestinians manage to mount a successful attack against their oppressors, they are globally condemned, and the death ratio in the campaign alone would be enough to eventually end the war because there was only one side left.

    That’s what’s happening today as the homeowner’s association — America — moves its embassy to Jerusalem.

    Image via Twitter

    Protests along the razor-wire fence that Israel has constructed to keep the Palestinians away have so far killed more than 40 and wounded well over 1,500 Palestinians, more than half from live gunfire and many more from explosions detonated by Israel’s army:

    Image via Twitter

    And although it’s hard to imagine how America, once the champion of underdogs around the world, could stomach actions like this, much less aid the stronger country in carrying them out, the answer becomes crystal clear when you think of the man “leading” America right now. His worldview is defined by what he’s told by talking heads on Fox News and by evangelicals determined to bring on the end times by escalating wars in the Middle East. Images like this mean nothing to him:

    Image via Twitter

    That’s what makes his tweet this morning, amid the scores of dead, the images of limp, lifeless children being carried away by their grieving parents, so disgusting — especially considering it was HIS decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem that has massacred these children today:

    A big day indeed.

    Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images