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  • BREAKING: Michael Avenatti Releases Damning Video That Will Cause HUGE Problems For Cohen And Trump

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    Michael Avenatti, the attorney for actress Stormy Daniels, is moving full speed ahead with making good on his threats to Trump and his legal team, after they responded with silence to his messages imploring them to “come clean” before he was forced to take drastic measures.

    Now he’s beginning to show his cards, and he is holding nothing but aces.

    The very first player to fall in the entire Trump-Russia investigation was, as everyone remembers, disgraced Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the onetime national security adviser for Trump both during his campaign and immediately following the inauguration last year. His crime? Lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians during the campaign.

    But the location that those contacts took place has been under just as much scrutiny as Flynn ever was, if not more: Trump Tower. It was there that Don Jr, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a host of other key players in the Trump campaign held a meeting with known Russian operatives seeking to exchange damaging information on Trump’s election opponent, Hillary Clinton, for an eventual lifting of sanctions against Russia, which has been preventing the hostile foreign nation from collecting billions in profits off oil sales and other America-based transactions.

    So what has Avenatti uncovered?

    One of the largest investors in Russian oil is a Middle Eastern country — Qatar. And one of the biggest key players in Qatari investing is Ahmed al-Rumaihi, who in December of 2016 had just written up a significant investment in the oil firm Rosneft — a company that was under United States sanctions at the time. The Qatari businessman has no business even in the country, let alone meeting in Trump Tower, let alone with Michael Cohen and — you guessed it — Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who lied about this meeting as well.

    So we have the already-elected but not-yet-inaugurated president’s personal lawyer, a national security adviser currently under indictment for lying about meetings like the one you just saw, a boatload of personal security, and a foreign banker who is heavily invested in a Russian oil firm that’s seeking to have US sanctions lifted.

    Oh, and did we mention that Mr. al-Rumaihi bragged about bribing government officials after this meeting?

    That’s more than a little suspicious.

    I’ll take credit for the amazing editing on this video, but all the investigative work here is being done by none other than the lawyer for a porn star.

    This presidency couldn’t end any sweeter than this.

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