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  • BREAKING: Ivanka and Jared Caught Partying In Israel While Gaza Is Under Attack (VIDEO)

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    The Trump administration is now infamous for the insensitivity of its members, and every week there seems to be yet another poorly handled crisis.

    Most recently, dozens of Palestinians were killed in Gaza by Israeli forces, all while the U.S. Embassy was opening in Jerusalem. While Donald Trump reacted to the news with his own horrific response, his favorite daughter Ivanka Trump also proved that she didn’t give a sh*t in her own special way.

    While Palestinians (many of them children) were being murdered, Ivanka was caught on camera celebrating — which made foreign policy expert Richard Haass go off on Morning Joe earlier this morning. As the longtime president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Haass was furious as he watched a split-screen of Ivanka smiling with her husband and Trump advisor Jared Kushner at her side, having a grand old time while chaos erupted in Gaza. Haass said:

    “Hard to watch these images on the screen and just not be worried about the future. I see none of the seeds of progress there. What you see are the seeds of growing confrontation and violence, bad for the Palestinians and bad for Israel. What the United States is not doing is helping the situation.”

    Haass was visibly shaken by what he saw, and you could hear the fury in his voice as he criticized the Trump administration’s version of “diplomacy” with other countries:

    “There’s a concept of medicine where doctors intervene and make patients worse. The Middle East is a dying patient in many ways. It’s called iatrogenic illness when doctors intervene and hurt or kill patients. American diplomacy in the Middle East could be fairly charged with being iatrogenic.”

    You can watch Ivanka solidify  the complete lack of values in the Trump administration below:

    Featured image via screen capture

    Patti Colli

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