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  • Donald Trump Chose Mother’s Day To Sexually Assault A Woman

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    Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a special occasion where we celebrate our mothers, maternal figures, and – according to Donald Trump – decide to assault them physically.

    During a Mother’s Day Brunch, Cathy Heller was attacked by Trump. While attending dinner with her husband, children, and in-laws at Trump’s estate back in the late 1990s, Trump decided to try to make a move on her.

    People Magazine recounts Heller’s harrowing experience. Heller says that she extended her hand to greet Trump, but he took it and decided to pull her in close, moving in for a kiss on her lips. She attempted to pull away and deny his move, but he decided to try again and hold her tight, trying to kiss her once again. Heller said that he never made it onto her lips.

    A relative also witnessed this assault. Apparently, Trump was focused on landing that kiss, almost falling over. When Heller turned around, she shared how flabbergasted she felt with the relative. “This gross guy, who does he think he is, he was falling on top of her to kiss her and in front of everyone,” states the relative.

    This Sort Of Entitlement Is Nothing New

    There is a slew of women who have accused Trump of physical assault, intimidation and using hush money to snuff out the existence of a son he might have had. The list is large and endless – with a frustrating amount of them not receiving proper justice as of yet.

    Mother’s Day, 2018

    Trump tweeted a message praising his late mother this morning, but he failed to celebrate the mother of his children, nor his two ex-wives, with whom he had four children. However, he did recognize the holiday as one of the most “important days of the year,” calling it an opportunity to celebrate women.

    How ironic.

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