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  • Washington Post Just Perfectly Trolled Trump With Their Cover Story; He Will Lose It

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    John McCain is not a Trumpian conservative – he does not hang out with people who spew poison, who have a vested interest in dividing Americans to garner votes. McCain has actively put America first and not his self-interests.

    Attacked By His Own Party

    In the past couple of weeks, McCain has been evilly attacked, with some attacking his mortality. White House official Kelly Sadler said that his opinion about a recent Trump CIA nominee does not matter, because “he’s dying anyway.” This nominee was Gina Haspel, and she is the mastermind behind unfathomable torture in Syria, Egypt, and Jordan in the early 2000’s. Haspel also destroyed evidence of her involvement with waterboarding prisoners.

    In October 1967, McCain’s plane was shot down near Vietnam. The crash rendered him unconscious. When he came to, he was tortured and interrogated by the North Vietnamese. The North Vietnamese hoped to score a propaganda victory by offering McCain a release. He persisted, and McCain was finally released on March 1973.

    On the Fox Business Network, retired Air Force Lt. Thomas McInerney also said that torture worked on John, and that was the reason he is called “Songbird John.”

    A few days ago, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch from Utah, a steadfast cheerleader of Trump, declared that it was ridiculous to ban Trump from McCain’s funeral.

    They’ve all apologized – mostly to save face.

    Washington Post Trolling Trump

    Trump’s favorite newspaper nemesis the Washington Post has recently positioned McCain as the “greatest political leader of our time” to spite Trump:


    But in many ways, he deserves the accolades. His family’s military background, his rebellious and relatable youth, his endurance as a prisoner of war, and his political persona of being fair and even-tempered has made McCain a favorite to many, regardless of political affiliations. Actually, there was a moment when McCain was liked by Democrats more than his Republican colleagues.

    McCain is still with us – there is no obituary. You can disagree with his politics, but there is something particularly evil about Republicans wishing him a speedy death.

    And you know that’s exactly what Donald Trump is doing after seeing this headline.

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