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  • Trump Just Got Busted For Being Too ‘Busy’ To Meet With Mueller, Here’s What He’s Doing (IMAGE)

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    Donald Trump has been trying to avoid facing Special Counsel Robert Mueller at all costs, desperately trying to shut down his investigation and create distractions to stall the inevitable. But thanks to the incompetence of his new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s investigation has been moving full speed ahead, forcing the president to straight up lie about why he can’t speak to the Special Counsel.

    Recently, Giuliani spoke on Trump’s behalf and claimed that the president was too “busy” to meet with Mueller — even though Trump is spending the whole weekend on the golf course, away from his presidential duties. Giuliani said:

    “Several things delayed us, with the primary one being the whole situation with North Korea. The president has been very busy. It really would be pretty close to impossible to spend the amount of time on it we would need…The president would probably like the resolution. If we were convinced it would speed up the process, we may do it. If we believed they would go into it honestly and with an open mind, we would be inclined to do it. But right now, we’re not there.”

    Does Trump think Mueller is stupid? The White House Press Pool reported that this is what was really going on this morning, when Trump claimed he was “busy”:

    “Press vans arrived at Great Falls Plaza at 10 am. The other cars in the motorcade went in the opposite direction toward Trump National Golf Club in Va. Pool is supposed to be holding at an Italian restaurant, but it doesn’t look open yet.”

    To the president, playing golf is apparently more important than providing America with answers and defending himself in an investigation that could kick him out of the White House. We all know that Trump’s claim of being “busy” is a joke — we’ve never had a president so lazy, ineffective, and with such a relaxed schedule. Trump can make time to play golf, waste time on Twitter, and watch television, but not for Mueller? Sounds like a guilty person to me.

    Trump is purposely avoiding Mueller now, and this proves it.

    Featured image via screen capture

    Patti Colli

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