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  • BREAKING: Giuliani Just Made Cowardly Announcement Regarding Debate With Michael Avenatti

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    Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti issued Rudy Giuliani a challenge and the former mayor of NYC refused. Giuliani has been on a media blitz since recently taking Donald Trump on as his new client but this challenge is obviously too much for him.

    “I wouldn’t debate that guy if they paid me $10 million,” Giuliani told POLITICO on Friday. “He’s a liar. All he does is put out statements in the press and they fawn all over him.”

    Actually, about 99 percent of what Avenatti has said was correct and Giuliani knows that. Avenatti has been goading Giuliani on Twitter. On Friday, Avenatti tweeted that “it would be very helpful for the public to witness a discussion between Mr. Giuliani and me concerning the facts of the case.”

    Avenatti has also attempted to get a spot on Sean Hannity’s show but that, too, hasn’t worked out FOR SOME REASON. OK, that reason might be because Avenatti has been revealing shocking information on Twitter about Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen. Daniels’ attorney left a cryptic message on Friday.

    “In 2017-18 – Why was Mr. Cohen paying Demeter Direct Inc. in Los Angeles large sums of money from his Essential Consultants LLC account? Keep attacking me Mr. Giuliani and @foxnews,” he tweeted.

    Later on Friday, CNN confirmed that the head of Demeter Direct Inc. worked with Cohen. Mark Ko told CNN that he served as a middle person between Trump aide Michael Cohen and Korea Aerospace Industries. Cohen has received money from Korea Aerospace Industries, as well as a Swiss drug company, Novartis, and AT&T.

    Rudy is afraid to debate Avenatti and he should be. Michael’s got all the dirt he needs to win.

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