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  • BREAKING: Michael Avenatti Just Released Copy Of Legal Fees, Who’s Paying Them Will Make Trump Furious

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    It must get old, watching the right-wing media monster try to tear you apart because they can’t seem to tackle the truth you keep laying down. It happens to everyone who dares to criticize the president, or the NRA, or the Border Patrol, southern sheriffs, racist idiots, washed-up actors, or wannabe tough guys. If you disagree with ANY of these people, Fox News has probably already done a segment on you.

    In fact, their current target is America’s favorite lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who represents adult actress Stormy Daniels in the myriad lawsuits that Trump and his gaggle of goofballs keep stumbling into by opening their stupid mouths.

    After Avenatti essentially tore apart Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen with a huge email dump that showed a long trail of pay-for-play and attempts to get even more companies on board with illegally exchanging money for access to the president, and after he did a tour of the news circuit basically right behind Rudy Giuliani, laughing and pointing the entire time at the former mayor’s idiotic missteps, Fox was desperate to discredit the upstart attorney.

    Tucker Carlson took off the bowtie and went for the gut with personal insults on his Thursday night program, calling Avenatti “a creepy porn lawyer whose eyes are too close together.”

    But the bigger attack against Avenatti has been the way Fox questions who’s “really behind” Stormy Daniels’ legal bills — in other words, who’s paying Michael Avenatti.

    As everyone knows, when conservatives can’t deal with the truth, they attempt to cast doubt on it by disparaging the source. If there’s a protest against Trump, they must be paid protesters. If there’s a boycott against companies who carry NRA ads, it has to be funded by liberal boogeyman George Soros.

    It’s ridiculous and childish, but it seems to be their favorite thing to do.

    In fact, Laura Ingraham, who proudly attacked the teenage survivors of the worst high school shooting in American history because they dared to lead a movement to quell the national epidemic of gun violence, ran an entire segment with the blaring chyron running across the bottom of her screen: “WHO IS REALLY PAYING MICHAEL AVENATTI?”

    It’s too bad Laura doesn’t know how to literally click one time on Avenatti’s Twitter profile, where he has a tweet pinned at the top (and has since long before her “special report”) that shows exactly who pays the bills:

    And what’s behind that link?

    America is paying those legal fees, because America wants the truth.

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