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  • BREAKING: Giuliani Resigns Amid Mueller Probe; Not Looking Good For Trump

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    On April 19, Rudolph W. Giuliani took his first leave from the law firm Greenberg Traurig since he briefly parted with the firm in 2016 to work on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. This time, it was “for an unspecified period of time to handle matters unrelated to the law firm or its clients,” according to executive chairman Richard Rosenbaum.

    In fact, it was Rosenbaum that Giuliani specifically worked for at the firm, serving as his senior adviser, as well as in a capacity as a cybersecurity expert, although that sort of beggars belief.

    Yesterday, both Rosenbaum and Giuliani each released a statement, announcing that the former mayor would be resigning from the firm entirely to work exclusively on Donald Trump’s legal team, a development that can only bring joy to fans of Michael Avenatti, the impeachment of Donald Trump, and hilarious faces while being asked uncomfortable questions.

    Rosenbaum’s statement delivered praise while also remarking on how much work Rudy’s in for on Team Trump:

    “When Rudy Giuliani took an unpaid leave of absence from the firm, his intent was to play a limited role, for a short period of time, to address specific matters for President Trump. After recognizing that this work is all consuming and is lasting longer than initially anticipated, Rudy has determined it is best for him to resign from the firm, effective May 9th. I have a great deal of respect [for him] … and consider him a friend.”

    First, let me just say: Give that man a bigger role, and more lines in this play. Give Rudy an entire monologue, because every time he opens his idiot mouth, he says something even more incriminating about Trump.

    Secondly, many are already speculating that, because it’s already public knowledge that Trump is basically benching Rudy over his god-awful television romp across the networks, this move may have been prompted by a request from the firm for him to step down due to lost clients.

    I sure wouldn’t hire a law firm that had a literal clown in the office who can’t keep his mouth shut.

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