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  • BREAKING: Source Reveals Anonymous 1 Million Dollar Donation To Trump, Trail Leads To Major Suspicion

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    Back in November of 2017, the transparency website Open Secrets published a report about a massive donation given to the Trump Campaign the year prior. Yesterday, the author of that report, Robert Maguire, took the opportunity to remind everyone on Twitter that we still have no idea where any of that money came from.

    That’s especially interesting in light of recent revelations about Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, accepting huge payments from Russian sources and funneling them through his front organization, Essential Consultants LLC.

    Much like Essential Consultants, “BH Group LLC” is an organization that didn’t exist shortly before it began doling out huge sums of money to Republican efforts, specifically Trump. In fact, all we know about BH Group is the very, very strange money flowchart: The Wellspring Committee, an organization that has been affiliated with Charles and David Koch, was found to fund:

    • Judicial Crisis Network, who funded the massive effort to prevent Obama from getting a Supreme Court Justice nominee confirmed and, in a larger sense, the effort to get as many judicial nominees nominated by a Republican confirmed as possible in the small window the GOP has before they lose control of Congress again — a stated goal of both the Senate Majority Leader and the Speaker of the House
    • American Future Fund, who actually ran against Trump, in case the GOP needed a fallback candidate who would also do their bidding
    • Illinois Policy Action, who was behind the election of billionaire Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, and
    • The mysterious BH Group, to whom Wellspring gave three-quarters of a million dollars for “public relations” in 2016, who then gave $1 million to the Trump Campaign for inauguration festivities — right around the time that other dark money donors were pouring in money for the same thing.

    And all of that inauguration money wasn’t spent — so where did it go?

    Add that to the list of things we may have to rely on Robert Mueller to reveal for us, because the president’s team and the Trump Organization refuse to tell anyone where the surplus money they “raised” for the inauguration — but didn’t spend nearly all of — went to.

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