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  • Senior White House Staff Pushes Trump To Fire Pruitt; Administration In Chaos (DETAILS)

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    Senior White House aides are now urging President Donald Trump to fire Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt amid mounting ethics controversies and an unprecedented amount of staff turnover.

    While Trump isn’t one to listen to orders from his administration, The New York Times—citing two top administration officials—reported that the president may be dialing back his previously staunch support of Pruitt. This would mark an incredible break in Trump’s 15-month record of adamantly opposing anyone’s advice that differs even slightly from his own, no matter how well-intentioned.

    As a replacement, the White House suggested Andrew Wheeler, who was recently confirmed as the deputy EPA administrator, claiming that he would be just as effective in carrying out Trump’s agenda.

    Recent reports revealed that Pruitt racked up millions of dollars worth of travel and security expenses, including allegedly bringing his detail to Disneyland and the Rose Bowl. Pruitt justified his tax-payer funded travel by saying it was based on “security precautions.” But the abundance of security that Pruitt has surrounded himself with makes even the president’s own Secret Service detail look like junior varsity.

    This scandal and among many others are why Democrats and now Trump’s White House want to get rid of Pruitt for good. In fact, Pruitt perfectly symbolizes the corruption, waste, and fraud of Trump’s swamp house, which may be the reason why the so-called president hasn’t ousted him yet.

    There is no way Trump replaces him, though, without a huge fight. Pruitt is the strongest ‘Energy Industry’ link to his administration. In other words, he brings in the big bucks for Trump. Nevertheless, if Trump does decide to fire Pruitt, he will appoint the worst possible individual to take his place. In Trump’s world, replacing his “best people’ with highly unqualified people seems to be the right approach.

    Featured image via Gene Sommers/Getty Images