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  • Kellyanne Conway Just Had A Major On-Air Meltdown, Finally Can’t Defend Trump (VIDEO)

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    The nonsense in Donald Trump’s administration has finally gotten to a level that is so unmanageable that even the president’s toughest staffers and most skillful liars are at a loss for words. Earlier today, Kellyanne Conway found herself cornered in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, and for once she actually could not come up with a response.

    During the interview, Tapper continuously asked Conway about Trump’s lack of credibility and his nonstop lies. Tapper asked Conway, “Do you think his job includes lying to the American people? Because he continually does so, and he undermines his own administration when he does so.”

    Conway was thrown off and accused Tapper of trying to go viral — which is what Conway normally does whenever she feels attacked. While Conway’s mood became visibly irritated, Tapper remained calm and said, “No. I would like him to stop lying, quite frankly.”

    Conway couldn’t come up with anything other than to say Trump didn’t lie and attempt to change the subject, but Tapper wasn’t having it and countered her avoidance with a specific example of the president’s lies. Tapper said:

    “He went on Twitter and talked about the three American hostages and how the Obama administration tried and failed to get them free. Two of the three were detained while Donald Trump was president — there is no way that Obama could have gotten them released because they were captured when Trump was president. That is just a lie and that tweet is still up there. That is just symbolic of the fact that this president gets in his own way all the time even when there is something good happening.”

    Conway just about lost it. She said, “You are focused on the tweet and we are focused on the hostages.” Tapper continued to corner her:

    “Why is he blaming Obama for hostages that were taken while he was president?”

    By this time, Conway’s head is spinning and aware that she’s completely lost her cool on national television. All she could come up with was, “Jake, He was probably thinking about President Obama and the terrible Iran nuclear deal.”

    Jake Tapper responded, “But why not just tell the truth?”

    Conway continued to be at a loss for words. You can watch Tapper skillfully handle Conway’s nonsense below:

    Featured image via screen capture

    Patti Colli

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