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  • BREAKING: Stormy’s Lawyer Reveals Reason FEDS Wiretapped Cohen’s Phone; It’s Trump’s Worst Nightmare

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    NBC reports that federal agents used a wiretap on Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, intercepting a call between him and a line with someone at the White House.

    It is alleged that the wiretap was mandated just a few weeks before FBI agents raided Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room, with the raid securing sensitive pieces of financial information pertaining to hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, an adult film star who had an affair with Trump shortly after his wife gave birth.

    It’s not entirely clear how the wiretap was authorized, but federal prosecutors in New York said in court filings that the FBI had conducted covert searches on several email accounts controlled by Cohen, and that might have spurred them to take action.

    The fact that there even was a wiretap means that authorities had to present a judge with credible evidence in order to obtain the warrant necessary to do one.

    Everyone Is Keeping Their Mouth Shut

    The U.S Attorney’s Office and the FBI in NYC have been approached for comment but declined to do so. Trump has been too busy courting his white evangelical base on Twitter with tweets about prayer.

    Right before this revelation, two of Trump’s confidants who are close to his newest attorney Rudolph Giuliani, have said that Giuliani was aware of the calls made to Cohen by the president, and warned Trump to stop calling Cohen out of concern that prosecutors were recording the call.

    In a recent interview on Fox News, Giuliani said that Trump repaid Cohen’s $130,000 hush money, also noting that Cohen might flip on him, with Trump rebutting that by saying that he knew Cohen for many years and expects him to be loyal through and through.

    Giuliani Adds Fuel To The Fire

    Giuliani was brought on to Fox to publicize Trump’s message that he was not being treated fairly, as well as complain about Hillary Clinton some more. Instead, Giuliani exposed Trump and connected the hush money to him, when Trump has repeatedly played dumb and said that he did not know about the Daniels payment. The interview was contradictory of what Trump has told the public for months.

    We are absolutely shocked that Trump is a liar. We swear.

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