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  • BREAKING: Trump’s Newly Retired Attorney Just Dropped Bombshell About Mueller Leaks On His Way Out

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    Retiring Trump lawyer Ty Cobb has insisted that he does not believe that Special Counsel Robert Mueller leaked his questions. He said, “It’s very difficult to see who if anybody benefits from the leak of that other than people who have been trying to sabotage the possibility of an interview.”

    He also went on to insist that an interview between Trump and the man tasked with investing his links to state actors in Moscow was “not off the table.”

    Cobb’s quick retirement appears to be coming in light of him being replaced by Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer Emmet Flood in what many perceive to be the president getting his house in order. If the Moscow links prove to be fruitful, it could mean impeachment for Trump. It appears that Mueller has found plenty during his so far thorough investigation into the president and his team. So much so that it now appears that a meeting between the two men will be likely to happen.

    In recent times Trump has got his legal house in order with a view to potentially having to defend himself from several sides. It’s not only the Moscow affair that continues to be a thorn in his side — the Stormy Daniels affair and payments by his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen also threaten to derail his presidency. Indeed, even if he does survive the Robert Mueller investigation, the damage has clearly been done and Trump will forever be linked to the idea that Russia handed him his presidency.

    There’s little doubt that someone with the legal standing that Cobb has would never walk out of the White House if he didn’t have a good reason to. Many speculate that his decision was made in only the last few weeks and you now have to ask yourself, what does he know that has made him leave?

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