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  • Trump Just Made A Jaw-Dropping Confession About His Political Future; Hold Onto Your Hats

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    There is clearly no longer any question in Donald Trump’s mind as to what his fate will be if the GOP fails to retain control of the House of Representatives in the midterm election. Yes, it would be nice for the Republicans to hang on to the Senate as well, but it’s clearly less important to Trump than the House — because the lower chamber is where articles of impeachment are introduced.

    While Donald’s staff — and the president himself — was getting torn to shreds by the brilliant comic Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night, Trump was nowhere near the swanky dinner party. Instead, he was holding a campaign-style rally for roughly the millionth time, and his nerves were showing.

    The rally itself was just another in a long line of offensive gatherings mostly comprised of white nationalists, room-temperature IQs, and angry racists. At one point, Trump actually got the crowd to boo an entire race when he shouted “Are there any Hispanics in the room?” Oh, don’t be too shocked — that’s not even the first time he’s used that line.

    In fact, before he was done, he had threatened a sitting Senator with blackmail, claimed that a Russian spy was only admitting guilt to make him look bad, and once again taken credit for approximately everything that was ever accomplished during the Obama years while foisting blame for everything that’s happened since his inauguration onto the Democrats.

    But the real centerpiece of the entire rally — the point he had to gather steam all night to make — was that if the Democrats regained control of Congress, he would surely be impeached. He went on and on, of course, about how it would be over nothing, since he’s obviously done nothing wrong. But the rising anger in his voice betrayed his fear: The Donald knows he’s about to be deposed.

    Bookmark this article, so that when the Blue Wave hits in November, you can come back and watch the video again and have yourself a big laugh at Trump saying “we’re gonna win anyway.”

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