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  • Trump Will Now Be A Regular Contributor On Fox News; Hold On To Your Seats (VIDEO)

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    Trump plans to be a regular contributor to the Fox News Network.

    There are already signs that he was an adjunct contributor — by the end of 2017, Trump was set to give his 20th interview to Fox News as a president. Trump seems to be in tune with Fox News, especially Fox and Friends, where he recently went on air to wish Melania Trump a happy birthday because he was too busy with a Kanye West love fest to get her a proper present.

    Trump Becomes a Fox News Contributor

    Kellyanne Conway has announced that Trump will be using his position of power to become a Fox and Friends lackey, using his influence to sale the network to his supporters. She also mentioned that Trump used to regularly call into Fox News before running for president so he can be molded to the conservative that he is today. He already seems a bit obsessed with the network, live-tweeting his thoughts as he watches the show.

    In an interview with Fox and Friends, Conway said that Trump has “said that he would like to, perhaps, come once a month (to Fox and Friends) and as news breaks.” Trump apparently “appreciated” the platform, a broadcast that has thrown truth and objectivity to the wind, and has been a lightning rod for conservatism, particularly far-right rhetoric.

    When Trump is out on his golfing excursions for the umpteenth time or engaging on TV news binges that he calls “executive time,” he will be using his influence to spend time with people who are hellbent on stroking his ego. A cheap salesman is the basis of his career as a proposed real estate tycoon — who lies about their net worth, by the way — so it makes sense that he’ll carry that same deplorability to the White House.

    What To Expect From Trump as a Fox Contributor?

    There will likely be nothing new or inspiring — he’s already used the network to push the birther conspiracy that plagued Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, and he will most likely use his platform to promote bigoted comments about our Latino friends and neighbors.

    Prejudice is not weakness, but to allow it to speak for you — especially on a news channel with as broad a reach as Fox — is the epitome of a warped, cowardly person.

    Do better, Trump.

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