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  • BREAKING: Russia Reveals They Told US The Locations To Bomb In Syria (DETAILS)

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    Last week Donald Trump decided to bomb Syria, with questionable motives behind the move. Trump made the decision after it was suspected that Syria used a gas agent to attack its citizens in the suburbs of Damascus. As a form of retaliation, the United States dropped more than 105 missiles on several of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons facilities.

    Others speculate that the bombs were dropped to validate a recent tweet, where he threatened Russia for bullying the USA.

    A recent revelation, however, notes that there seems to be a level of intimacy with the Trump administration and Russia, even if they have a public image of chest bumping each other to see who is the biggest and baddest.

    Russia Tells Trump Where Not To Bomb

    Russia claims that it informed Trump the areas in which he shouldn’t bomb. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that there were discussions between Washington and the Kremlin, with both countries cooperating with each other to ensure that Syria is bombed with little collateral to Russia’s special interest initiatives and guaranteeing that the USA does not cross arbitrary “red lines” enacted by Russia.

    Lavrov explains: “There were military leadership contacts, between generals, between our representatives and the coalition leadership. They were informed about where our red lines are, including red lines on the ground, geographically. And the results show that they did not cross these red lines.”

    The Bloody Aftermath

    The bombing and wave of airstrikes mark one of the most significant attacks against President Bashar Al-Assad and his regime by foreign powers in the seven years of Syria’s civil war. The US military confirmed the strikes, noting that they were designed to degrade chemical weapon facilities while leaving civilians unscathed. Casualties are unknown, but parts of Damascus resembles enormous piles of ash.

    Featured image via screen capture