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  • BREAKING: Trump Fought Against Laws Requiring Sprinklers In His Buildings; Death Could’ve Been Avoided

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    Trump did one of the most “Trump” things ever on Saturday, when, during a fire on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York City, he expressed zero concern for the people inside, and instead took the opportunity to brag about how good the actual physical structure with his name on the side was:

    Now, maybe that makes some people question Trump’s sanity. I personally was unsure of his mental well-being long ago, but this honestly could probably be used in a Congressional case arguing for the implementation of the 25th Amendment. But that’s not the only crazy thing he’s said about buildings catching on fire.

    Back in 1998, Donald Trump actually fought the city of New York on a new law that was proposed requiring residential buildings to install sprinklers, a move that angered developers like Trump, who insisted the $4 per square foot cost was too much to bear. At roughly 1.2 million square feet of residential space, it would have cost Trump less than $5 million to complete the sprinkler system, or roughly 1.3 percent of the building’s current value.

    Everything worked out fine in the end for Trump — future best pal Rudy Giuliani was the mayor at the time, and was able to get Trump Tower “grandfathered in” under old rules that didn’t require the billionaire real estate tycoon to give a shit about human life, so he was able to forego the sprinklers at the time of the building code updates.

    There was no small amount of controversy at the time — the event that spurred the legislative effort was the destruction by fire of two enormous residential buildings in Brooklyn and Manhattan, in which a total of seven firefighters were killed.

    Trump did eventually install sprinklers in Trump Tower at an even lower cost than had been estimated during the code revision process — he spent just $3 million to do so.

    But when he was going to be legally required to do so, he even remarked to the New York Times that he thought the system would be worthless:

    “People feel safer with sprinklers. But the problem with the bill is that it doesn’t address the buildings that need sprinklers the most. If you look at the fire deaths in New York, almost all of them are in one- or two-family houses.”

    One man died yesterday in the blaze in Trump Tower. The president has yet to identify or comment on the man.

    We guess he was right about one thing, though: He could kill a man in the middle of 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose any supporters. In fact, he just did.

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