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  • Trump Makes Disgusting Move In Trade War, Excludes Ivanka’s Clothing Line From Tariffs (DETAILS)

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    Despite having numerous conflicts of interest between his continued involvement in his businesses and the fact that he has included his unqualified family members in his administration, Donald Trump continues to act like he’s not doing anything wrong. The way Trump has conducted his presidency to benefit himself and his family is absolutely disgusting and it’s a shame the Republican Party is too spineless to do anything about it.

    Now that Trump is aware that the GOP is going to let him get away with anything, he’s upping the ante. As Trump continues to profit off his presidency, he’s spreading the riches to his daughter and Senior White House advisor, Ivanka. Trump is starting a trade war with China — and he’s exempting her clothing line, which holds trademarks in China, from the tariffs.

    The Washington Post reported that Trump is excluding all clothing manufacturing companies from tariffs — which will save Ivanka’s fashion brand, as it’s been struggling like hell ever since her father became president and permanently destroyed the Trump brand and everything associated with it.

    U.S. officials have stated this decision came about by using a technical algorithm, which determined which goods would be excluded from tariffs to have “the lowest consumer impact.” However, this seems far too much of a coincidence that the daughter of the president would be exempt.

    The Huffington Post has recently reported that Ivanka is making $1.5 million a year from the Trump Organization while she is working in the Trump administration — so she is clearly still benefiting from her brand. Trump and his family have raised massive ethical red flags during their time in the White House, and continue to as more evidence of scandals and violations surface. It’s more clear than ever that Trump’s presidency isn’t about serving the American people at all — it’s about elevating his family at the expense of taxpayers.

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