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  • Trump’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him, Reveals How Creepy Trump Is With Ivanka (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump is certainly regretting his past now that several women with whom he had affairs during his marriage to First Lady Melania Trump are coming out of hiding and sharing the intimate details of Trump’s personal life with the world.

    Last night, former Playboy model Karen McDougal gave a bombshell interview to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, where she confirmed that she and Trump had engaged in a 10-month long affair before Trump became president. This interview included several shocking details about how they were intimate “many dozens of times,” how Trump tried to pay her for having sex with him, and how Trump frequently told her that he loved her. However, one of the worst parts of the interview came with the confirmation that Trump definitely, without question, has the hots for his daughter Ivanka.

    While Trump’s attraction to his daughter hasn’t been widely debated considering how obvious it is thanks to the president’s long history of making sexually charged, inappropriate comments about Ivanka, McDougal’s testimony is confirmation. In her tell-all interview, she admitted that Trump compared her, a woman who he was sleeping with, to Ivanka quite a bit. She said:

    “You know, he, he’s very proud of Ivanka. As he should be. I mean, she’s a brilliant woman. She’s beautiful. She’s, that’s his daughter, and he should be proud of her. He said I was beautiful like her and, you know, you’re a smart girl. And there wasn’t a lot of comparing, but there was some, yeah. I heard a lot about her. Yeah.”

    McDougal tried to defend Trump for his comments, even though she acknowledged how disturbing they were.

    “You know, I know a lot of people think it’s odd. There’s been some comments I’ve heard in the news he’s said about her, I think those comments are wrong, but do I think it’s strange that a father would love his daughter so much that he brags about her? No, I brag about my dog that much.”

    No matter how you spin it, it’s creepy as hell. McDougal had much more to say about her affair with Trump, and those details will likely come to light soon. McDougal recently filed a lawsuit against American Media, Inc. so that she could get out of a $150,000 non-disclosure agreement that she feels is now illegal. As this NDA is solely about her relationship with Trump, we can expect all hell to break loose when she wins that lawsuit. But for now, you can watch part of McDougal’s interview below:

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