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  • Trump Goes On Insane Manic Rant, Claps Back At Criticism Over Putin Call; Takes Everyone Down With Him

    Donald Trump

    President Donald Trump is in hot water for publicly congratulating Russia’s Vladimir Putin for winning the presidential election ā€” an election that smells of fraud. Trump was advised to withhold his comments since it would be very poor optics.

    There’s a current investigation to expose collusion between the Russian government and the Trump administration, the Mueller special counsel is homing in on key figures, and it seems like every day there’s a new piece of information showcasing the interconnectedness of the president and Vladimir’s empire. His congratulatory words also come at a time when Russia is alleged of deploying a deadly nerve agent attack inside one of America’s closest ally.

    Trump Becomes Triggered, Takes To Twitter

    In an early afternoon tweet, Trump attempts to quell the anger by saying that former president Barack Obama also congratulated Putin when he won past elections. He then tries to refocus the public frustration towards the “Fake News Media,” before saying that it’s a good thing that he is amiable with Russia.

    It’s worth noting that Russia has been under Putin’s regime for almost 20 years. Putin took office as an acting prime minister in 1999, became president the following year, then once again became the prime minister in 2008, and became president a second time in 2012. There is a whole generation of Russians that know nothing outside of Putin.

    Trump Isn’t Done Talking Sh*t

    He concluded his tirade by saying that a unified front with Russia can help solve problems in North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran, and even the coming Arms Race. Trump attacked George W. Bush’s apparent lack of smarts to engage Putin properly; and Obama and Hillary Clinton’s lack of “energy or “chemistry” to suitably court Putin.

    It’s not so much that, Donnie ā€” it’s that you’re the first one who’sĀ wanted to court that international criminal.

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