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  • Americans Stunned After Ivanka Wears Creepy Costume, Even Dad Is Thinking WTF

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    Ivanka Trump is nothing if not entertaining grossly out of touch with humanity. It’s not hard to imagine why, honestly. She grew up ultra-rich with a father who doted on her in the creepiest way imaginable, and truly has no idea how to be a regular person in any context at all.

    That’s what makes her so easy to laugh at. Whether she’s saying something tone-deaf about women’s rights that happens to coincide with a right that her father is specifically trying to eliminate, or just blogging about champagne popsicles, Ivanka is supremely roast-worthy for her cluelessness.

    In fact, being in Iowa on Monday at all must have been utterly surreal for the woman who’s known as “Princess” by staff inside the White House, what with all the corn and trucks and diners that serve Scotcharoos for dessert. So she did what she does best: She just pretended to know what the hell she was doing.

    She was in the state trying to pimp her dad’s failed infrastructure plan, and on a tour of an education program when someone obviously gave in to her demand for a scientist’s lab coat and someone to point a camera at her:

    She was apparently “measuring the levels of nicotine in vape juice,” a series of words I’m almost certain she’s never seen in any order combined before, and the internet was SO here for it:

    It’s hard to think of anything scarier than a Trump in charge of anything scientific whatsoever.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images