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  • White House Just Called Trump’s Own Lawyer A Liar, Trump Caught In The Middle

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    In somewhat surprising circumstances, the White House is once again denying that President Trump had an affair with adult actress Stephanie Clifford AKA Stormy Daniels. It appears that the adult actress is trying to free herself from a legal contract that prevents her from discussing the affair publicly and her lawyers have filed again to have the agreement thrown out.

    “The president has addressed these directly and made very well clear that none of these allegations are true,” Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a White House press call.

    Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen has admitted that a payment was made to the star with a check in the amount of $130,000. Seemingly Trump is keen to hide this and make out that it is not “hush money,” but it seems highly unlikely that he gave her the money for no reason. Clearly, Cohen knew there was some reason to make a “random” payment to an adult film actress.

    Sarah Sanders was quick to note an arbitration hearing that took place in February that confirmed that the non-disclosure was valid and binding. Many might say that commenting on it at all from her position in the White House indicates that Sanders is admitting it has something to do with Trump himself and not just Cohen — or they would simply let Cohen answer for this entire thing himself.

    For the time being, they seem content to let him look like a liar.

    The claims lead back to an alleged meeting of the two after a Lake Tahoe golf tournament in 2006. The awkward issue for Trump is that he was already married at the time of the alleged incident and in fact had just witnessed the birth of their child together, Barron Trump.

    It is widely believed that Trump’s marriage to Melania is over and that they are carrying on for the sake of their family and to keep the Trump brand looking powerful. Of all the issues that surround the Trump presidency, the one that threatens to do him the most damage is the one that will also likely end his marriage. His previous issues with women point to behavior that means it is hardly a surprise that he would stray from his wife. It will be interesting to see what happens if the agreement is indeed overturned.

    Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images