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  • Sarah Sanders Attacked For Defending Trump’s Crazy Claim That He Could Save Parkland Students (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump

    It’s a new week, but it already looks like Donald Trump is planning on continuing his losing streak when it comes to his response to the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, and his team is also getting pummeled for it.

    Earlier today, Trump blasted former Broward County Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson, who was armed and on the property of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, yet refused to go inside the school and try to save the students and stop the gunman. Criticism of Peterson is, of course, understandable, but what Trump said next has everyone’s jaw dropping: Trump said that even if he didn’t have a weapon, he would have run into the building to help save lives.

    This statement, which is pretty damn hilarious considering that Trump has been caught on camera fleeing the stage whenever an UNARMED protester gets past security, put White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a pretty uncomfortable position today. In today’s press briefing, CNN’s Jim Acosta cornered Sanders about Trump’ comments, asking her if Trump was “suggesting that he could have saved the day.” Huckabee Sanders said:

    “I think he was just stating that as a leader, he would have stepped in and hopefully been able to help as a number of the individuals that were in the school, the coach and other adults and even a lot of the students stepped up and helped protect other students. I think the point he was making is that he would have wanted to have played a role in that as well.”

    It was clear that Huckabee Sanders was uncomfortable, but Acosta didn’t let up. He pushed back and said, “Is he trained in firing a weapon? Is he trained in using a handgun or a firearm of some sort?”

    Huckabee Sanders responded, clearly out of her league:

    “I don’t think that was the point he was making. He was saying that he would be a leader and would want to take a courageous action. A lot of the individuals that helped protect others that day weren’t carrying firearms, which I think shows that you can be helpful in that process without it.”

    Acosta had just not only pointed out that Trump was a coward, but tore his argument for more guns in schools to shreds. You can watch this exchange unfold below:

    Acosta also asked Huckabee Sanders what she would say to parents that are worried about school officials “packing heat” in the classrooms. These were exactly the conversations that the White House has been trying to ignore, and Huckabee Sanders’ discomfort proves it.

    It couldn’t have been easy for Huckabee Sanders to stand up there today and actually try to make Trump look like he was brave. Just judging from the reactions on Twitter, no one actually believes that Trump would have gone into a building to stop the gunman:

    The president and his entire administration are cowards, and that’s why they won’t stand up to the NRA and take real action.

    Featured image via Alex Wong / Getty Images

    Patti Colli

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