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  • Betsy DeVos Has Insane Reaction To Trump’s Idea To Arm Teachers With Guns

    Donald Trump, Education

    While pretty much every single one of Donald Trump’s administration members were extremely controversial, the appointment of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was especially problematic and she proved herself to be a danger to America once again.

    Earlier today, Trump went off on a ridiculous rant about his horrific solution to school shootings – which involves arming a hefty percentage of teachers around the country with guns (as if they have the training to operate a gun to begin with). There is something very obviously wrong with this plan, which Trump now feels pressure to implement due to the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week. However, no one is standing up to him on this – especially not the one person who should be, DeVos.

    As Secretary of Education, it is DeVos’ job to advocate for teachers and the education system. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that weaponizing America’s schools is not the answer to gun violence. However, when DeVos was called on to speak, she only verified why she shouldn’t have any power in this country. She totally ignored Trump’s terrible plan and stayed silent on the matter.

    This woman is the head of the Department of Education, and she had nothing to say about an extremely dangerous weapons proposal that the president just made, with her sitting just a few feet away. Instead, DeVos gave some weak commentary about relieving tension in classrooms through student seating arrangements.

    DeVos is choosing to ignore the fact that arming teachers with guns is a deeply unpopular opinion with the teachers themselves, and it’s also terrifying for students. One student, Sam Zeif, pointed out just how problematic Trump’s plan was on CNN when he asked this:

    “Teachers are faced with the responsibility every single day of molding young lives and mentoring them, and being there for them. Why should they be faced with responsibility of knowing whether or not they’re going to have to kill them that day?”

    That’s exactly what DeVos should have asked the president. But instead, she – like so many of his administration members – said nothing. She blatantly refused to keep America’s schools safe, and our children and educators will suffer for it.

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    Patti Colli

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