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  • BREAKING: WH Insider Reveals Hope Hicks Obstructed Justice, Will Tell Mueller; Indictment On The Way

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    Mark Corallo, before he resigned last July, was the spokesman for the legal team representing Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. While he was in the job, however, he learned a lot of secrets — where all the bodies were buried, if you will.

    Now Corallo is coming forward to speak to Robert Mueller as a witness in the ongoing investigation into Trump’s ties to the Russian government and their interference in the 2016 election. That’s turning out to be a nightmare for Team Trump, since it had long been speculated that Corallo resigned over impropriety within the campaign. This serves as confirmation.

    The New York Times reported Wednesday that according to three sources familiar with Mueller’s request for Corallo to come answer questions, Corallo is planning to tell the special counsel that another conspirator not previously named in the controversy over Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting has been — and plans to continue — obstructing justice in the investigation.

    Hope Hicks, who has long served as Donald Trump’s closest adviser — so close that she’s rarely even in the news — has been figuratively falling on her sword for Trump this entire time, and is planning to do so in the long term as well.

    After the Tower meeting involving Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and a host of Russian conspirators, Trump’s son ran to his father for advice on what to tell the media the meeting was about — although at this point we know that it was regarding obtaining “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in exchange for a promised lifting of sanctions on Russia. Prior to Trump and his son crafting a story that claimed the meeting was about Russian adoptions, Trump, Hicks, and Corallo held a conference call about the event.

    That’s when Corallo listened to Hicks tell Trump that Don Jr.’s emails regarding the meeting “will never get out.”

    In fact, that may have been the statement that prompted Corallo’s resignation, since it’s clearly obstruction of justice. If Team Trump knew they needed to lie about the meeting, then they knew the meeting was improper or possibly illegal. That meant that Hicks’ promise to forever hide or destroy Don Jr.’s emails about the event constitutes a crime the moment investigators ask for those records.

    Of course, if you were paying attention, you saw me say that all of this is “according to three sources” familiar with the investigation. So what does Mr. Corallo say about all this? Well, the NYT contacted him Wednesday before they went to press with the story, and he “did not dispute the account” of his planned testimony.

    That’s as good as nodding your head.

    Hope Hicks can now look forward to being yet another of Trump’s cohorts to be indicted by Robert Mueller and his superstar legal team. Let’s hope it was all worth it.

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