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  • Melania Makes Shocking Announcement Regarding Trump’s State Of The Union Address

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    It now appears that Melania Trump will attend the State of the Union address after skipping the presidential trip to Davos in the wake of the storm caused by the leak of the president’s affair with adult film star “Stormy Daniels.”

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary announced that all of Trump’s family will be in attendance apart from their son Baron. Earlier in the week, Melania set tongues wagging by taking a trip alone to West Palm Beach and not traveling with her husband to Davos in Switzerland.

    “In terms of family all of the president’s children, along with the first lady, will be at the State of the Union, with the exclusion of Barron, I don’t believe he will be attending as of right now,” Huckabee Sanders told DailyMail at the press briefing.

    The revelations over the alleged affair between Donald Trump and “Stormy Daniels” had meant that Melania had kept a low profile. Though she made an impromptu appearance at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and then went to West Palm Beach to take a short break alone.

    The affair has not been discussed in public and there is little knowledge of what is happening inside the president’s marriage, but one thing is for sure — the signs do not look good for the marriage. Trump has a history of poor behavior with women and it is not much of a surprise that he cheated on the First Lady.

    The potential breakdown of the marriage would cause further embarrassment to the Trump family on top of all that has happened during his short but tenuous reign. At least the news will mean that the special investigation being carried out by Robert Mueller is no longer on the front page — for a media manipulator like Trump, that is good news.

    Photo via Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images