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  • White House Lashes Out At College Professor Demands Disciplinary Action (VIDEO)

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    In yet another instance of President Donald Trump attempting to control the media and the message (propaganda) the nation receives, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has called out UNLV professor Tessa Winklemann. The White House is demanding that disciplinary action be taken against Winklemann because she spoke out following the Las Vegas massacre and “blamed” the increasing violence in our country on Trump.

    Winklemann teaches “U.S. Foreign Relations, and Women and Gender history,” and was using the massacre as an example of the changes we are seeing under Trump. She told her students that she had predicted, three semesters ago when Trump won the election, that while some people would be unaffected by his presidency, others would die. A prediction that is proving more true as the days pass.

    A video of the class session was obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. From the transcript:

    He’s [Trump] threatened to declare violence against North Korea and other places. And words, especially if they’re coming from someone who is the president, have consequences. . . I don’t know that these events would have inevitably happened whether or not he got elected, but he has rhetorical powers every president has to encourage or to discourage (violence). So far all he’s done is to encourage violence.

    Right when he got elected, I told my classes, three semesters ago, that some of us won’t be affected by this presidency, but others are going to die. Other people will die because of this.

    The basic premise of Winklemann’s lesson was that speaking out in favor of violence and not reacting appropriately to violent actions when you are in a position of authority, such as being the president of the United States, can and does influence the people around you.

    Winklemann was using the lesson to convey a need to speak out against violence, but apparently that message was lost on the closed ears of the Trump administration, who would rather see her head upon a stake to shut her up.

    Watch the video below:

    Featured image from YouTube video