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  • Watch As Republican Senator Has Town Hall Protestors Removed For Asking Questions He Didnt Like


    Joni Ernst, US Senator was welcomed by an enthusiastic hostile crowd of 70 people at her Town Hall meeting in Iowa City this Friday. The Conservative Senator had to go through their questions strewn with jeers for an hour, as reported by The Des Moines Register.

    The primary focus of the discussion was the impact of the Graham-Cassidy proposal on healthcare. That extended to discussions about universal healthcare coverage, or the “Medicare for All” program that Ernst has dismissed by calling it a “pie in the sky”, disappointing thousands of enthusiasts who were looking forward to it.

    The Iowa voters sided with Senator Bernie Sanders and the idea of the single payer healthcare reform, strongly standing against Trump’s attempts to repeal Obamacare. Ernst was humiliated with questions she couldn’t answer or couldn’t answer well enough to please the crowd that was verbally attacking her. Frustrated, she said:

    “Really, if I said anything… if I said the sky was blue with regard to this healthcare bill, you would disagree.”

    As things started getting out of hand, the police had to escort two protestors outside. One of them was wearing a spacesuit costume.

    Unsettled as she was, at a press conference after the discussion, Ernst said that she saw it coming and was expecting more than what happened. She said:

    “Actually, I expected much worse. I know that tensions are running high.”

    So, how come the Trump administration is moving ahead with something that they can predict could outrage the people at any moment? What are the Republicans thinking as they try to force their way with the Graham-Cassidy Bill? Will it be passed at all and if it does pass, how will it reflect on the Republican Party’s future in the United States?


    Photo Courtesy: Dave Weigel via Twitter