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  • Trump Asks Police Officials Which Cops Didn’t Vote For Him; Entire Union Laughs In His Face (VIDEO)

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    On Tuesday, President Trump met with police union officials, including Dean Angelo Sr., the president of the union for Chicago’s rank-and-file officers to discuss the gun violence epidemic in Chicago.

    Trump, who has failed to follow through on his promises, told the gathering:

    “I made a crucial pledge: We will always support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. I will always have your back 100 percent.”

    Shortly after that statement, Trump shifted the conversation to the only thing he loves to talk about: himself. The so-called president asked the police union to identify officers who hadn’t backed him in the election–essentially he wanted to stroke his own ego by exposing them. He says:

    “I guess you probably know the numbers were extremely lopsided, right?”

    “I’m just trying to figure out the few people who voted the other way. Who are they? Who are they? Find out who they are, please, and let us know.”

    In the background, a room full of union members laugh hysterically at his statement. Whether they were laughing with him or at him is not the point, the point here is that Trump cannot sit through a meeting with ANYONE without yapping about himself, his election “win,” and the power he now has over our nation. It’s merely sickening on every possible level.

    Side note: It’s pretty obvious Trump is being laughed at.

    Watch the footage, below: