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  • Trump To Open Hotel In Canada; Mayor Sends Him The Most EPIC Message (DETAILS)


    As if President Trump doesn’t have enough on his plate, the so-called businessman is planning to open up a Trump International Hotel And Tower in Vancouver, Canada, and let’s just say Vancouver’s mayor is not so thrilled about it.

    Since his criticism of immigrants has caused such an outrage, the mayor says that he wants the name changed because it clashes with Canadian values. He says:

    “Trump’s name and brand have no more place on Vancouver’s skyline than his ignorant ideas have in the modern world.”

    Even the Malaysian developer has had second thoughts about the partnership with the Trump brand.

    As explained by Associated Press, Joo Kim Tiah, who like the U.S. president is the son of a prominent businessman who got into global real estate, said he found it “extremely stressful” when Trump’s statements about Muslims, Mexicans and women, among other things, made him extremely unpopular in Vancouver, one of the world’s most diverse and progressive cities. Unfortunately, it was well after he signed the licensing deal to use the Trump brand. The developer told Associated Press:

    “I was terrified. The people who ran the city were not happy with me. I was scared, but I think they understand. They understand that I’m trapped into — not trapped, locked into — an agreement.”

    Ultimately, the hotel and residence will have its grand opening on Tuesday, with Trump two older sons Donald Jr. and Eric in attendance.

    It’s bad when the own developer doesn’t want to be apart of anything associated with Trump’s brand. The chief White House ethics lawyers under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have criticized Trump’s turning over control of his business to his sons, saying it does not eliminate potential conflicts of interest.



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