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  • ENTIRE Police Dept Just Threatened Trump With Prosecution, Campaign IMPLODING


    The city of Phoenix, Arizona just sent a threatening letter to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, ordering them to cease and desist for violating the law.

    The letter alleges Trump’s campaign “has violated federal and state law by using copyrighted materials in a campaign advertisement.”

    The advertisement in question originally aired Sept. 20, 2016, and it contains footage of uniformed Phoenix police officers shaking hands with Trump.

    The letter states that the officers did not consent to the use of their images, and that the ad “unmistakably and wrongfully suggests that Phoenix and the officers support or endorse Mr. Trump’s campaign.”

    The letter goes on to note that the Trump ad does not obscure the insignia for the city seen on the uniforms of the police officers in the ad, and that the city does not allow “any person, entity or political campaign to appropriate or otherwise use its protected materials or replicas for any private purpose such as a campaign ad.”

    They also indicate that the city is non-partisan, and does not support Trump or Hillary Clinton in the fall election.

    The incident is just one more screwup from the Trump team on a basic campaign skill. Most traditional, competent campaigns know to obscure identifying remarks and logos, because cities and municipalities do not like to be drawn into partisan campaign fights on topics like this.

    But more often than not, the Trump campaign has operated like amateur hour. Unable to attract most of the top-tier talent that usually clamors to work on a presidential campaign, most of the Trump team draws its ranks from Trump Organization sycophants, tea party hucksters, and unsavory dirty tricksters. That is why – in addition to its habit of consorting with white supremacists – the Trump campaign tweeted a campaign graphic showing a Jewish star on a bed of money, or an image showing Nazi soldiers when the graphic was supposed to be commemorating American soldiers.

    Trump’s team is far more focused on boosting the nominee’s ego and being “yes” men and women responsive to his every beck and call, rather than executing the basics of political campaigning.

    This time they got caught.

    Featured image via screen capture