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  • So-Called Billionaire Trump Stiffed Small Town Cops For Nearly $10,000

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    Donald Trump makes a lot of noise about how he supports the police, and has made up several tall tales claiming that Hillary Clinton is against law enforcement. But it has recently been revealed that the reality TV star and self-described billionaire has been short-changing the police officers who have been tasked with keeping his rallies safe.

    Trump didn’t pay a nearly-$10,000 bill he owed cops in a small New Hampshire town (population: 6,786), and he didn’t pay it for months.

    Farmington Town Administrator Arthur Capello said in April he sent an invoice to the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign on Feb. 11 for $9,449.58 worth of services provided for the Jan. 25 event. The rally came less than two weeks before the state’s primary. The event came together in a matter of a day or two, and Capello was told by the U.S. Secret Service the town of about 6,800 people would balloon by another 5,000 for the event.

    Capello said there had been no communication from the Republican presidential nominee on whether the bill was going to be paid since the incident, and the money to pay for the police overtime needed to adequately staff the event had to come out of the town’s general fund. He said the security plan was developed with the Secret Service, the Trump campaign, the Farmington School Board and the town of Farmington.

    The funds represented almost a third of the town’s budget for police overtime. At the same time he was stiffing cops, Trump made sure to direct Republican donor money towards his own pockets.

    The Trump family has received over $8 million from the campaign’s donations – including payments for renting space at Trump Tower, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and for Trump’s personal jet (he also received $1.6 million in tax dollars from the Secret Service for use of his aircraft).

    Trump claims to be worth $10 billion, but there is no proof of that as he refuses to release his personal tax returns. All we have is his word, and he continually nickels and dimes his creditors in a way a real billionaire – people like Mark Cuban and Michael Bloomberg, who oppose his candidacy – never would.

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