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  • Police Shoot Black Man At Traffic Stop And His GF Put It On Facebook Live (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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    In yet another instance of unwarranted police brutality, an officer from the Roseville Police Department in Minnesota just shot a black man during a traffic stop as he reached for his wallet. 

    According to his girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, who posted the entire incident to Facebook Live as it happened, they were pulled over for a broken tail light. Reynolds’ boyfriend let the officer know that he was carrying a gun that he is licensed to have, but when he reached for his wallet to show identification, the officer shot him four times.

    You can hear the officer, in a panicked voice, say he asked him not to put his hands in his pocket, but that was where Reynolds’ boyfriend had his identification.

    The resulting wounds produced a severe amount of blood and Reynolds continued to record the entire incident so that everyone watching would know exactly what was happening to her boyfriend and herself.

    At one point in the video you can see Reynolds’ boyfriend slumped over in the car next to her, and the officer still had his gun drawn on him, issuing commands.

    Reynolds herself was then ordered out of the car unaware if her boyfriend was dead or alive. She also let everyone know what she had on her in the car so there would be no question later as to what her story may be.

    It’s incredibly unfortunate that a woman, in such a severe time of distress had to pull out her phone to record her boyfriend being shot several times by the police for no reason, but in this day and age, with police brutality ever-present, she did what she had to do.

    Watch the video here (please keep in mind that it is very graphic):

    Featured image via video screen capture