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  • Cop Heroically Calls Out Her Fellow Officers Who Are Too Racist To Serve And Protect (VIDEO)


    After yet more killing of black individuals because of unwarranted police brutality, many are standing up and speaking out. However, one voice, the voice of a black female police officer in Cleveland, Ohio, named Nakia Jones, just dropped the mic and laid it out better than ever.

    Jones is tired of seeing racist cops going into black neighborhoods and, quite literally, murdering people.

    Here’s just some of what she said:

    “If you are white and you are working in a black community, and you are racist, you need to be ashamed of yourselves. You took an oath! If this is not where you want to work at, then you need to take your behind somewhere else. I decided to work in an African-American community, because I’m African-American, and I wanted to make a difference.”

    She then goes on to explain that she could have had her choice of where to work, because as a double minority, both black and female, the police in that community could have checked two boxes. If you’ve ever worked in a place with token minorities you’ll get that reference. Sad, but true.

    Jones then says:

    “I’m here because I wanted to make a difference, but how DARE YOU stand stand next to me in the same uniform and MURDER somebody. How DARE YOU? You oughta be ashamed of yourself.”

    Then she absolutely gets down to it:

    “So why don’t we just keep it real. If you’re that officer, that’s no good and got a God complex. You’re AFRAID of people who don’t look like you, you have NO BUSINESS in that uniform. Take it off! If you’re afraid to go talk to an African-American female or male, or a Mexican male or female, because they’re not white like you, take the uniform off! You have no business being a police officer! Because there’s many of us that would give our life for ANYBODY! We took this oath, and we meant it! If you are that officer who’s racist, take that uniform off and put the KKK hoodie on!”

    There’s really nothing else to say, she just said it all.

    Watch the video in its entirety here:

    Featured image via video screen capture